Wall/Counter Mount Adjustable

Wall/Counter Mount Adjustable

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iPad Size & Cable Options:
The iPad Wall Mount is renowned for security, durability, and accessibility making it a great addition to nearly any business. The enclosure faceplate is locked with a unique barrel key and securely holds your iPad in place to help prevent theft in public areas and ensuring only you can open the case. Keys are included with your purchase to allow employees or management to easily access the interior of the frame for maintenance and upkeep of the iPad.
  • Key lockable
  • Pair with the Printer Wall Mount for a complete wall-mounted solution for your visitors
  • Can be bolted down on a counter top for an adjustable counter top installation
  • Includes 2m cable to suit your iPad

*Installation of the wall mount may require an electrician or handy-man. Sine does not provide physical on-site installation of hardware.

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